Hotel Software

Front Desk Operation

Manage room reservation and guest easily using our user-friendly system. You can manage the guests starting from reservation, check in, check out, billing and settlement. The system is also integrated with restaurant (room service), housekeeping (laundry and minibar), engineering, etc.

Sales Channel Integration

Our Sales Channel Integration system will help you simplify the distribution of room inventory to the Online Travel Agents (OTA) such as Traveloka, Pegi-Pegi, Agoda,, etc. The distribution of room inventory will be done automatically based on your setting and if there is any reservation made in the OTA, it will be entered into the system directly.

Billing dan Settlement

The billing process is very flexible as you can transfer the bill to other room, join or split the bill as needed. The Billing system is integrated with the restaurant, Laundry and Minibar. The settlement process allows you to receive payment in multiple payment methods (cash, credit card, debit, card, etc) in a single bill. You can also transfer the bill settlement to the City ledger (Account Receivable) to be collected from third parties such as Travel Agents, company, etc.


Help you manage the room cleaning and room status (room status can be changed by the phone inside the room), as well as guest supplies in the room. You can schedule the room cleaning and maintenance using the system.


Manage your hotel laundry services. The billing is integrated with the FrontDesk (Can be billed to the room).

Restaurant and Breakfast

Support multi restaurant outlet (you can have multiple restaurant in your hotel) and each restaurant sales will be tracked individually. It also provides a feature to track the guest breakfast entitlement as it is integrated with the FrontDesk. Beside of that, it is also has other features that are intuitive and very user-friendly. Please check the detail at Ozeva Restaurant

Event and Banquet

Managing an event (Wedding, Meeting, Seminar, etc) in your hotel will be easier using our system. You can schedule the event by booking the venue to be used, select the meal menu, and tracking the bill.


Manage the minibar inside the room. You can track the products that are available in the minibar and bill the guest for the consumption.

Inventory (Cost) Control

Help you manage the inventory of materials and guest supplies by providing features to track the purchase, the stock transfer, stock consumption, stock adjustment, etc. The stock tracking will be done automatically when the transaction is being executed.

Device Integration

  • PABX: Can be integrated with PABX machine for guest billing and changing the room status by Housekeeper.
  • Hotel Keylock: can be integrated with hotel room keylocks.

Software Customization

Our experienced IT Consultants are ready to help your business to analyze and gather your requirement in order to customize the software according to your business needs. We believe that by employing our state of the art solution, you can improve your business efficiency and profitability.


Maximize your room sales revenue by providing you with a very flexible room rate settings. You can differentiate the rate for weekdays or weekends and set seasonal rate (rate that will be charged in specific dates or seasons) such as public holiday, school holiday, etc.
Management of third party Account Receivables (Travel Agents, Companies, etc.) will be very easy by using our system. You can create invoices for all room bills borne by third parties in Settlement (by selecting the City Ledger payment method). You can track this invoice until payment is completed.
An easy, fast and accurate Night Audit process for posting room charges and recording all transactions that occur. This process can be repeated many times until the recording is deemed to be correct and accurate, thereby minimizing errors. Journal posting to General Ledger can also be done with one click so you do not have to do a time-consuming manual process. In addition, in this process, database backup will be performed automatically.
Maintain the loyalty of your hotel guests by utilizing Membership program to increase your sales. You can give promotions and discounts to members who stay or use hotel facilities such as restaurants, cafes, bars, swimming pools, fitness centers, etc.
Equipped with a comprehensive reports to view your company's performance to help you make swift and accurate business decisions.
We have a POS (Point Of Sales) system that can be used at the mini-market in your hotel or other hotel facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, etc. The POS is fully integrated with the hotel system.
All transactions will be automatically posted into accounting system so that you do not need to do manual tasks related to accounting. We provide a complete feature to be used in accounting and finance activities such as journal posting, petty cash, bank reconciliation, etc.
You can add your business assets into the system and define their depreciation methods. The system will automatically calculated the depreciation value during Period End process.
We provide a comprehensive Financial Reports to view your business performance such as Balance Sheet, Profit Loss, Cash flow, etc. All of the reports can be tracked down to the source of transaction so that it is easier to check the transaction.
Our system can be used concurrently by multiple users. You can give different access rights to each user.
Supports tracking of transaction for each department in the organization. Thus, you can view the financial reports and also the budget for each department.
Our software is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Also, you can create item descriptions in multiple languages.
Import data will simplify your process in migrating to our system. You can upload your data in CSV format (If you use MS Excel, you can save the file as CSV).
You can periodically back up your data to avoid losing your data. With this feature, you can easily restore your back up when needed.
For your convenient, you can export the reports to various formats / files such as PDF, word, Excel, etc.
The software will be updated automatically so that you will receive the latest version as long as you still have a valid support period.